Cooper: Miksi 6.10 on tärkeä päivä?


The planet is being birthed into the new Golden Age. Because in the birthing process 6th October marks the equivalent of the waters breaking it is of monumental significance. Source, The Seraphim, Archangel Metatron, Wywyvsil (one of the Lords of Karma), the White Brotherhood, the Christ Light and other illumined energies are pouring light onto us on that day. The true birthing process is now starting. It is hugely important.

You can continue to use the Prepare for the Cosmic Moment and Live in the Fifth Dimension DVD until 2032 or until you are living fully in the fifth dimension. The messages within the film are vitally important for you and the world. To illustrate this we were show the Earth as a black hole and as people watched the film their lights came on all at once. These were pure white lights that illuminated everything and huge rays of light burst out of the planet. We were also shown a rainbow and told that this DVD\film is bringing hope to the planet. So please tell everyone you know about it. 
Because the dark fights the light we have had a monumental task to get this film out. This is also why most people have had such a tough year. Next year will be much easier energetically. 
Even if you don’t download the webinar on the 6th, Archangel Metatron will ensure that the special high frequency energy will come in for you when you do watch. While you wait for it to download we suggest you call in the angels and ground and protect yourself. Then immerse yourself in Archangel Metatron’s golden orange light until you can sense it around you. The angels suggest that you use the 5th, 7th and 9th dimensional protections we describe in the film every day until they are fully integrated into your aura. This could take years so make it part of your spiritual practice!

Relax and know that the angels are working with you to ensure you are ready for the cosmic moment on 21.12.12!

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