Andov: Expected events in 2012

"First we have to remember who we are. 
We need to remember that we are infinite consciousness, 
that is having human experience. 
We are light beings and far more greater than we believe we are. 
We are capable of projecting our energy. 
We are living in the fractal universe, 
everything is in the constant movement. 
A field of our united emotional energies is capable of 
creating fundamental changes inside the planetary matrix. 
We need to change our vibrational level. 
We have to go back towards the nature 
and have to forget everything that deals with violence.
We have to stop violating the cosmic law:
killing animals, fish and birds. 
We are light beings, we can exist without those. 
With consuming flesh or meat 
we are infecting in our DNA structure.
We are mutating. 
-Pane Andov

"In the end, it is up to each of us… 
what we do NOW to prepare ourselves 
physically and spiritually 
and the actions we take NOW, 
individually and collectively as caretakers of this planet. 
 In this Earth School, 
our life experience is about growth and creation. 
We’re all individual creators. 
 We need to take back our personal power 
and use it, 
-Pane Andov

Magnificent presentation by Pane "AstralWalker" Andov about the mega event that will take place at the end of year 2012 and beginning of the 2013. He explains that thousands of years ago from the galactic centre of the Milky Way, there was a powerful release of an enormous amount of energy, which like a huge, shining, circular wave is spreading across the galaxy from its centre to its edges.
The released energetic pulse is already affecting the whole galaxy including the little dot we call our solar system. Very soon it will reach us and hit us with full strength. He explains what kind of implications this spreading wave of energy will have on our solar system, especially to our star and our planet and how it will affect the DNA of life.

The way that Pane connects the dots makes it clear what our planet will face soon and what we as humans can do about it. He is also a contactee and delivers important messages which he backs up with scientific data. For the record, his DNA was changed when his biological body was only seven years old, enabling him to utilize abilities such telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel and to make contact.
He claims that from time to time numerous ET races communicate and deliver important messages to him as a result of alternations to his DNA in early childhood. One of those races is the positive race that is delivering the genuine crop circles, and they explained to him what the complex geometries mean. That's how Pane was able to translate the complex geometric designs which contain the solution to the equation regarding what humanity is facing, when it's going to happen and what can be done about it.

For more reference please visit his website:

"I honor that place
in you where 
the Universe resides
And when I am 
in that place in me
and you are in that place in you
we are one"
-Pane Andov