Deepthi: You are never lost

"You may think that there are things 
that are less in line with your Divine Purpose, 
and those which fit perfectly for you. 

But the truth is 
that whatever you choose 
is perfect for you in that very moment. 

Some of those things may show up for you 
as a lesson and some as a blessing; 
with some of them you feel you are just in the right place, 
and with some of them you feel you are totally lost. 

But there is no such a place 
like a "wrong place", "wrong decision" 
or "mistake". 

You are never lost. 

Every aspect is here to show you that you are God's beautiful Creation. 

Whatever you choose to create, is perfect. 

It is only your mind, who is judging or saying 
"this isn't good for me". 
It is good, it is there for a reason: 
it is there just to show you your Divine Light.

So Breathe. 

                    And Listen.

All that you need to know is in your Heart."