The Essence of... KIRSI RANTO ♥ DEEPTHI

Hi Dear Ones! 

It’s so amazing how life can surprise you in the moment when you least expect it. One of my biggest dreams has always been to be able to do a live video of my music, to visually share the essence of me and my music, and after years of dreaming the time has finally come. For me working with Shawn Reeder has been a life changing experience. His depth and big heart and passion to fulfill his life mission has inspired me so much. He gave me a whole new perspective of myself, both as a human and as an artist. When you have a long career behind you, it’s not necessarily so easy to regenerate. But Shawn helped me to believe in my deepest dreams that have been with me since I was a six year old girl.

For me working on our project - or our mission as we call it - has been a huge step towards the more artistic career that I have been dreaming about. And I feel in my gut that our first film here is just the beginning. A beginning for a path of growing and learning, sharing and creating something really beautiful together through our art. Slowly I’ve come to realize, that my art is actually my spiritual path. I had to lose my music to be reborn to a new aspect of myself and my music; to find my highest vision, and live it true. It is my way to find my true self, and to just "Be".

When I first saw Shawn’s Yosemite Range of Light, I was astounded. But to actually have a chance to work with him… no, it never even came to my mind. And yet here we are 7 months later, thanks to Facebook, making our shared dreams come true.

When we eventually started to work together, we didn’t have any plans. But very soon we found that something magical happens when we are together: things just start to flow and suddenly we are like little kids shooting and filming and letting our dearest visions come true. All the time we just kept in mind, ”let’s just enjoy the process”. No limitations, no boundaries, no ”we have to do's”.

For me it was a huge growing process from the fears and limitations I had build up inside myself during my earlier career. This was the first time I ever let myself be this naked, natural and open in front of the camera - and above all: to also speak in a foreign language as well! I was the one who said until the very last minute: ”Do I really have to do this in english? I can’t, I don’t speak your language well enough!" And at the same time, I’ve secretly known for years that this time will come. So there I was, suddenly speaking in english and at least trying. Luckily I had my angels around me, and of course Shawn, whose gentle encouragement helped manage to smooth my fears away.

Another amazing thing happened during our sessions, too. I have always dreamt about recording in english. For the past few years I’ve been also feeling, that I am going to write lyrics in english as well. This year 2012 has been full of surprises: I’ve always written my lyrics or thoughts and drafts in finnish, until suddenly this year there hasn’t come a single word in finnish. I have been amazed by it, but at the same time excited to just let words and lyrics come as they will.

In this video you’re gonna hear my very first song in english. It was filmed and recorded the same night the song was born. I had some thoughts about this song earlier this year, and I knew that the title was going to be Be The Light You Are, but that’s it. No lyrics, no proper melody, no nothing. When Shawn was here in Finland for his first time in September, one morning I just felt a very strong feeling that I had to go to my piano, and in an hour or something, the song was born. The melody, the lyrics, everything was suddenly there! We were both astounded: now we actually have our theme song for our film here as well! I was so happy!

So I really feel that this all has happened under such powerful guidance. There are no mistakes. Our Universe is totally working in perfect timing all the time. Even though we don’t always know why we are doing different things, the Universe knows. And we just have to listen and trust.

I really hope you can feel our sincere hearts and the healing power of light here. We enjoyed making it so much, and we hope you enjoy it as well.

To find out more about our project and our mission, to see beautiful images we created, and to be able to help support us in continuing to spread love, please visit our page here dedicated to this project. Thank you for your support, and may the Light within you shine bright. 

With Love,