Juicy Living Tour: Breatharian RE-defined - Some thoughts about living from Love

"Love unlimits you!"

"Grace is being realized!"

"Unconditional love can change the world!"

...Something to think about 

HUOM! En postaa tätä videoa sivulleni yllyttääkseni Sinua lopettamaan syömisen (niin kuin ei Kirbykään), vaan herättääkseni ajatuksen rakkausenergian tietoisesta käytöstä. Kun yhdistymme rakkauteen vapaudumme kaikista rajoitteista, saamme käyttöömme sisällämme uinuneet voimavaramme ja voimme elää vapaata, terveellistä ja onnellista elämää. 

PLEASE NOTE! I'm not posting this video here to encourage you to stop eating (neither is Kirby), but to awake some thoughts about using our love energy consciously. When we tap into love we free ourselves from all the limitations, awaken our inner sources and we can live a free, happy and healthy life. -Deepthi

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Description from the actual Juicy Living Tour page:

"'Breatharian RE-defined': Someone who taps into multiple energy and food sources other than the regular food the world knows.

Here is a positive message for a super charged, high energy conscious life!

Kirby De Lanerolle is an Executive advisor to the Minister of Social Services, working director of the National Volunteering Secretariat, Council member of the National Council of persons with disabilities, Co Founder of the Warehouse Project and co chair to IYV + 10 National Steering Committee as well a Director of several private companies, empathic healer AND a breatharian.

Kirby has gone without food for extended periods of time over the last 5 years. He’s known amongst his friends to hardly ever eat – sometimes months on end. More recently Kirby has run a half marathon without eating absolutely anything at all for 2 months. He is the only breatharian to be featured on the National Geographic Chanel after completing 10 months with only 7 meals. In these days Kirby has a couple of meals a month and enjoys drinking tea and fresh juice.

He lives to teach others about the power of love as a force of transformation and spends time in contemplation of the Lords communion.

Kirby is NOT STATING THAT MAN DOES NOT HAVE TO EAT or promoting a non-eating lifestyle. In fact he believes that food is a gift from God and should be enjoyed. Kirby does eat occasionally, however it is important to note HE DOES NOT GET HIS ENERGY solely from food.

It is his hope that others through this page will learn to have authority over their food selection and quantities in order to improve their health and well being by giving food its due place and priority in their lives. Here’s to CONSCIOUS EATING!! ‘

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