Viisi askelta yltäkylläisyyteen

By Jo Dunning
There are five simple steps which will allow us to receive the abundance and prosperity we would like. They are natural steps of giving and receiving which we can use each day to create the circular flow of joyful prosperity and abundance in our lives. Soon these steps become our way of life and an easy expression of our joy and prosperity.
1. Give what you want to receive
            The flow of Abundance is already all around you. 
To step into this flow is easy. Give to someone else the very thing you would like to receive. 
And give it freely without expectations of receiving, as if you already had more than enough. 
If you want more kindness in your life, be kind to someone, if you want more happiness in your life, make someone else happy, if you want more money in your life, share a little of what you have. Give it away easily, like you already had all that you need and there is plenty more from where that came from.

2. Trust and know
            The next step is to trust and know you have just stepped into the flow of abundance 
and are now aligned with what you want. Know there is more than enough to go around 
and it is easy to have all you want.

3. Take Action
            Participation is an important part of Abundance. 
While you are knowing you are now aligned with the flow of the abundance you want, 
it is also important to participate and help make things happen. 
Follow your inner knowing and your intuition and do your part to help create 
the abundance you would like to have. 
Continue to participate until you are receiving what you want.

4. Be Grateful
            Gratitude is a vital step in the flow of abundance. 
It is a powerful magnet which keeps us in the flow and aligned with receiving all the wonderful things we desire. Fill yourself with gratitude all the time, even about the small and seemingly simple things in your life. There is always something to be grateful about. 
When you notice a little of what you want flowing to you, take a moment and be grateful for what you have received, regardless of how big or small it may be. Be grateful and say thank you.

5. Pass it on
           When you receive a little abundance take a moment and pass some of it on and assist someone 
           else in feeling a little more abundant. When you pass on some of what you receive, do it easily 
           as if you already have more than you need, expecting nothing in return. 
When you pass it on in this  way you are now starting the process all over again 
and have once again taken the first step to "give what you want to receive." 
In this way the flow of abundance continues and becomes more and more each time.